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Hi everyone, who treat the Alps as their favorite place to rest.

It is above all catalogue of websites, which belong to hosts of tourist objects. The number of currently collected links to web pages is 1252.

Here you can find out where to go skiing in the Alps, where there are cheap hotels, what attractions are located in the Alps. In addition, you can take a bit of knowledge of the geography of the Alps.

Only on this site you will find the knowledge of the whole Alps. Only here the whole Alps: Austrian Alps, Swiss Alps, French Alps, Italian Alps, Bavarian Alps, Slovenian Alps.

As soon as it is possible, the objects are marked with a maximum of accuracy. Most of them are described in the following data: address of the facility, brief description, link to the website of owner, sometimes a photograph.

Attractions of the Alps

Site Database stores addresses 1252 Websites of tourist attractions in the Alps. Attractions have been subdivided into 9 types. For each type are given (in parentheses) the number of tourist facilities.

Aletsch. The longest glacier in the Alps - 23 km . (source: wikipedia/commons)
In the Alps there is a huge number of tourist regions. Here are the addresses of sites of regional tourist offices.

Tourist regions (222)

For some people, the Alps are interested only in the winter. For them, the addresses of the ski resort sites.

Ski Resorts (394)

First of all, we're going to the Alps so as to see the magnificent panorama of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, gorges of the rivers.

Natural Attractions (28)

Alps is a land of castles which guard the mountain valleys, and the palaces of kings and emperors.

Castles and palaces (103)

Old mines are not peculiarities of the Alps. However, a giant dam, or a demonstration plant Swiss cheese? This is only the Alps can offer.

Industrial monuments (8)

Historical, regional museums, galleries of outstanding painters and a lot of other.

Museums and galleries (28)

Let's be honest, the charm of alpine landscapes and romantic castles does not appeal to the youngest, as an amusement park or zoo.

Zoos (30)

Bustling amusement park contrasts with the majesty and tranquility of the mountains, but what is not done for children.

Amusement Parks (14)

The last two categories do not lead to websites of tourist attractions, but to the information in Wikipedia.

Meiringen - Gorge of the Aare. The gorge of the Aare River. . (source: wikipedia/commons)
Map of the 50 highest peaks of the Alps, or four-thousander Alpine.

Four-thousanders (50)

The geographical area is selected from a list that includes the following:All Alps, Austrian Alps, Swiss Alps, French Alps, Italian Alps, Bavarian Alps, Slovenian Alps. At this point an important remark. The site collects data about all the attractions in an area of Austria and Switzerland. It is different in the case of France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. For these countries, collected attractions located exclusively in the Alps or in close distance from them.

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